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Calm Your Life: Clutter-Free Kitchen Ideas for 2023

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Let's start with the refrigerator:


  • Bucket with warm water (or use your sink) and a gentle cleaning product.

  • Several rags and two plastic grocery bags

    • Use one for clean rags, and one for dirty ones

  • Small vacuum or attachments for crumbs

  • Step stool for reaching the top of the refrigerator

  • Flat yard stick or tools to reach under the refrigerator

How much time do you have? Just a quick 15 minutes? Let's consider how the outside looks in your space.

  • Clean everything off the front and sides. Less visual clutter (especially on the front) calms you. Consider another area for your family message center, calendar, or sentimental items like photos and magnets.

    • Use a magnet board or whiteboard and move all to the inside of a nearby cupboard, closet, or pantry door.

  • Wipe down the top and sides

  • Use a stick or a flat tool to clean or vacuum underneath dirt and grime

Do you have another 30 minutes? Let's clean and refresh the inside!

  • Remove everything in the refrigerator section

  • Wipe down shelves, remove drawers, and clean inside and out then replace empty drawers and clean shelves

  • Anything expired? Let it go, clean and repurpose or recycle containers

  • Clean the rubber gasket all around the doors

  • Replace the air filter or replace box of baking soda with a new one

  • Organize like items together: condiments, dairy, meat, leftovers, fruit, and veggies

  • Maximize space by using beverage holders, refrigerator bins, or risers

And another 30 minutes? Tackle the Freezer!

  • Remove frozen items one section at a time - throw away anything old or freezer burned

  • Vacuum the bottom and wipe out

  • Dump out the freezer ice collector, wash, dry, and replace

  • Inventory then organize frozen veggies, frozen meals, and dairy - or just take a photo of the items on the back or bottom

Here are our favorite refrigerator organizing bins from Amazon:

  • 4-Pack Refrigerator Can Dispenser

  • Set of 6 Refrigerator Bins (5 drawers & 1 egg holder)


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