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Services for organizing your home, office and your life.

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We're Sharon and Linda. We're experts in decluttering, downsizing and organizing.

We've been through this ourselves -- we've organized dozens of spaces and can help you do the same.  We offer solutions that are sustainable and easy for you to keep organized and maintain. 

We can help you organize any room or area, create easy-to-use systems for bill paying, and managing the home, office, or home-office paperwork jungle. 

We have downsized our own homes and have prepared and packed up dozens of homes for sale. We're compassionate about the process -- we know it's overwhelming and very hard to sort and possibly dispose of sentimental items, gifts from loved ones, and cherished objects. With that in mind, we've assembled an extensive array of organizations and vendors to help you make those decisions easier. We don't want to fill the landfills -- we want your unused items to be recycled, repurposed, or reused.


Our Services


Thanks so much for the incredible transformation you have wrought in my kitchen, the heart of my home. I love it! It is truly life-changing. I had lived in so much clutter for so many years, I didn't think I would ever escape it. The time and money I have wasted on various organizational systems and strategies I had read about and attempted myself was a memory that demoralized me each time I returned to it; an ever ready reminder of my many failures which always paralyzed me from trying "one more time!"

M.P., Toledo, Ohio

When you’re stuck, sometimes you need someone with a fresh lens, new energy and drive, who can help you set aside the worry, anxiety and shame over the “should have,” pile and drive your project to completion. It’s no different than calling a plumber, electrician or carpenter to get the job done right.
What I noticed as we worked together, was that it was less daunting and becoming more manageable. I was beginning to feel relief. I remember when we got to the end, feeling emotionally lighter and less encumbered. The feelings of dread and shame all dissipated.  Most of all, the organizational systems she helped me set up are sustainable. My only regret was not reaching out sooner! “

C.V., Toledo, Ohio

Sustainable Organizing Services helped me get my creative vibe back! I have a very small living room space, a portion of which doubles as my craft room. I had supplies stored in an ugly, dark china cabinet and other mismatched furniture. To find what I needed, I often had to unstack and dig through bin after bin.  It was so frustrating! I felt overwhelmed and uninspired.

Then came SOS. I now have a wonderfully reconfigured space, with most of my craft supplies stored in two tall storage cabinets. Yes, there are bins inside but they’re clear and I can see at a glance what’s inside. We were able to repurpose two bookshelves which are now being used more efficiently. Even my craft table is more efficient with a lazy-Susan-style holder for markers, glue, scissors, etc., sourced by SOS of course!  Thanks to SOS, I enjoy crafting more than ever!

R.T., Painsville, Ohio

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